a grape made for Indiana


Color: Red. Recommended wine styles: dry or rosé.

Marquette is rapidly becoming the most popular northern red grape variety. Typically maturing with high sugar content and moderate acidity, Marquette can produce complex wines with attractive ruby color and pronounced tannins, often with notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice. Contact us for purchasing information. 


hallo alte Freunde


Color: White. Recommended wine styles: dry, off dry.


Traminette is a Gewürztraminer hybrid that produces excellent wines similar to Gewürztraminer but with much more winter hardiness. Traminette is distinguished by its superior wine quality combined with good productivity. Wines are distinctive and spicy and may be finished dry or semi-dry. Contact us for purchasing information. 


Wendy's favorite


Color: White. Recommended wine styles: sweet, off dry.

Steuben produces medium to large, compact clusters of medium-sized, spherical slipskin berries with a spicy tang. Steuben can produce an aromatic white, blush, or rosé wine. Contact us for purchasing information. 


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Ready for harvest in 2018.

Brianna produces light, semi-sweet table wines with grapefruit, tropical, and floral characteristics, with a pronounced pineapple nose and flavor when fully ripe.

Petite Pearl

anything but petite


petite pearl

Ready for harvest in 2018.

Early wines have been very complex with lots of spice, attractive earthy aromas and jammy fruit. Substantial tannins for a fully hardy grape and a long finish. This may be an excellent blending component to add complexity and softness to most northern red wines. Can also stand on its own. infer as we can get in our terroir.”


Little Vineyard

measure twice, plant once


In the “little vineyard” at Dulcius there are four other varieties (plus additional Marquette vines). These varieties include: Captivator, Cayuga White, Noiret, and Summerset. The little vineyard offers space for trial varieties, to determine if the vines could handle Indiana winters, and for experimenting with hybrids. If you are interested in experimenting yourself with small batch wines or want to try something new,  contact us for information on availability and to purchase these varieties.